Tired of dealing with the hassle and expense of constantly replacing fluorescent and HID lamps in your business signage? It’s time to upgrade to modern, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Our Sign LED retrofitting service makes it simple to convert box signs, freestanding signs, and channel letters to crisp, bright LEDs for a fraction of the cost of new signage.

  • Enjoy improved visibility for your business
  • LEDs are more energy efficient which translates into long term cost saving on utilities
  • LEDs last longer than fluorescents
  • LEDs are more tolerant of cold weather and will illuminate the same brightness year round
  • LEDs are low voltage systems and are not susceptible to the same faults that high voltage systems are

Stop wasting money and time on outdated lighting. With our turnkey retrofitting service, we handle every step from specifying new LED components to professional installation and disposal of old lighting.

Join the LED revolution and make your business signage shine bright while saving money.

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