Illuminated Signs with Locking Change Copy Cabinets

Form and function in a cost-effective package. An internally illuminated sign system utilizing a changeable copy area concealed with a clear Lexan face in a dual locking hingeable frame. Typical changeable letter sizes are 3” to 8” tall depending on visibility. Signs include a pre-assorted letter set of characters. Additional letters, numbers, and characters may be added upon request. Each sign is designed and custom manufactured to the customer’s need and specification. Like our digital LED sign packages, this type of sign may be single-sided or double-sided and installed as a freestanding pole or pedestal mount sign. Single-sided signs may also be built for wall installation.

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Free Standing Signs with Digital LED Displays

Nothing gets your message out or attracts more attention than a sign paired with a LED Electronic Message Center. With vast programming capabilities, and the ability to display text, graphics, and animation, this sign will get your message noticed in a visually stimulated culture. Displays are built in custom sizes with resolutions of 16mm, 10mm, 8mm and 6mm. EMC displays have numerous communications options available with cellular data being the most popular. Pair that with cloud based software and enjoy the freedom of being able to update messages from anywhere you have an internet connection with a standard web browser.

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Non-Illuminated Signs, Letters, Symbols and Logos

Kenney Signs Inc., also offers: Non-illuminated signs, lettering, symbols, logos, and even custom manufactured steeples. Yes, even steeples! For a more dramatic effect—letters, symbols, and logos can be back-lit or halo-lit with low voltage LED illumination. Lettering is offered in molded plastic and cast aluminum and is available in many styles, sizes, and colors. Your name, symbol, or logo may also be CNC machined from various substrates for indoor or outdoor use. Have a special event coming up? Kenney Signs is your source for printed banners and signs.

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No job is too large or too small. Contact our knowledgeable staff to discuss a solution that will work best for your churches needs.