Kenney Signs, Inc. is an authorized distributor and certified installer of Watchfire Signs®. Watchfire designs, engineers and manufactures high quality LED signs in Danville, Illinois, using meticulously sourced components from all over the world, all protected by an industry best 5 year warranty. A sign manufactured by Kenney Signs, paired with a Watchfire® LED Message Display, will yield you the best return per dollar spent on advertising. Unlimited display capabilities with text, graphics, video, and animation. Our signs will give you the best combination of image and function.

Understanding Pixel Resolutions

Electronic message displays are often referenced in different resolutions. For example 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, 19mm, etc. The pixel resolution or pitch is the common way that the sign industry describes an LED message displaying resolution. A pixel is typically made of a single grouping or cluster of LED diodes. Since color displays are most prevalent nowadays, this cluster would be made up of red, blue and green LEDs to comprise a single pixel.  Depending on the resolution of the display, the pixel may contain the red, green and blue chips in a single SMD device with a single lens OR or it may be made up of three separate red, green and blue LEDs grouped in a cluster.

The pitch measurement given in millimeters (mm) is the distance between the center of each pixel to the center of the neighboring pixel. So the lower pitch measurement, the closer the pixels are together and the more pixels there would be in a square foot. Conversely, the higher the pitch measurement, then the farther pixels are apart and there would be fewer pixels in a square foot.





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