Are you after a sign that adds a degree of class to your appearance? A sandblasted or routed sign may be just the ticket. These signs add a dimension and elegance to your signage and are commonly used in residential communities and professional offices.

Kenney Signs will most often produce our signs from a high density urethane (HDU) foam that once blasted or carved and painted are hard to distinguish from a sign made from wood. The advantage of HDU is that unlike wood it does not tend to warp, crack or rot which creates a finished product that can last for years.

Common applications are:

  • Commercial Property Signage
  • Residential Property Signage – Such as condominiums & apartments
  • Residential Communities/Homeowner Associations
  • Nursing Homes and Community Centers
  • Professional Service Industries

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Blasting Texture Options

Simulated Wood Grain Texture

Pebbled/Sandstone Texture