Illuminated box signs are custom-made signs that use internal lighting to illuminate graphics, logos, or text. They are typically made of a box-like structure with a transparent or translucent front panel, which allows the light to shine through and illuminate the design. In most cases the face is made of a flat rigid plastic substrate. Larger box signs may dictate the need for a tensioned flex face. In some cases we manufacture box signs with CNC machined aluminum faces with acrylic letters for a unique and upscale appearance. 

These signs are typically used for storefronts and building signage, but can serve other purposes such as directory signs, indoor showroom signs, etc. In our typical uses these are often single-sided boxes and mounted flush to a wall. In other uses, they can be double sided; however, that often involves the sign being mounted in a freestanding manner. In those uses, we typically just consider this a component of an overall freestanding sign structure (see freestanding signs),

Kenney Signs builds all its newly constructed box signs with LED illumination. LED illumination is more advantageous in a number of different ways. LEDs are much more energy efficient which translates into long term cost saving on utilities. They are also more tolerant of cold weather and will illuminate the same brightness year round unlike gas discharge tubes like high output fluorescent lamps or metal halide.

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