Tired of dingy, faded signs making your business look run down? Our professional sign cleaning service is the solution.

  • We deploy our custom pressure washing and cleaning trailer along with our bucket truck for signs that are more difficult to access.
  • Heated and high pressure washer to tackle the dirty work.
  • We use eco-friendly detergents to lift away grime and be gentle on the environment.
  • Our experienced crew is knowledgeable about cleaning without causing damage to vinyl applied graphics. 

Our powerful 3000 PSI hot water pressure washer lifts away years of baked-on dirt, oil and mildew – returning your signs to their original bold, vibrant colors. A truck-mounted bucket lift provides safe access for signs higher in elevation. We use only eco-friendly detergents that dissolve grime without damaging sign coatings.

Give your business the bold, professional image it deserves with our expert sign cleaning service and keep your company’s image looking sharp.

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