Panhandle Paints, New Martinsburg Location

When Joe, owner of Panhandle Paints, decided to open a new location in Martinsburg, WV, he reached out to Kenney Signs for the new signage. Panhandle Paints sells Benjamin Moore paints exclusively, and he needed quality signs to let the residents of Martinsburg know that he’s open for business at 148 Lutz Avenue, Martinsburg, WV!

Kenney Signs has had a working relationship with Joe, and the Panhandle Paints crew, for several years. In fact, it was during a call conducting business with the Panhandle Paints store in Harper’s Ferry, WV that Joe mentioned he was opening a new store, and that he would be in need of new signage.

We had refaced the sign at the Harper’s Ferry, WV Panhandle Paints in 2021 with new Benjamin Moore branding, and retrofitted the sign with LEDs to replace the old florescent illumination. Joe was very pleased with the results, and he thought that he would order signs from Kenney Signs because of the quality work he had received, and our reciprocal relationship.

Starting mostly from scratch at the new Martinsburg location, Joe ordered a new three foot high by eighteen foot wide (3’H x 18’W) box sign for the Lutz Avenue side of his store. Kenney Signs went into action securing a permit for the new sign and started production.

Before Kenney Signs’ installation and service team installed the new Benjamin Moore sign, we refaced an existing box sign to reflect the Panhandle Paints branding. After inspecting the sign to make sure it was still functional, and would serve the business for years to come, Kenney Signs replaced the face on the two foot high by seven foot wide (2’H x 7’W) box sign.

Joe wasn’t finished with the signage for his new store, yet. He really enjoyed the LED illumination on the new Benjamin Moore sign, and requested that his newly refaced Panhandle Paints sign receive new LEDs in place of the existing florescent illumination. While Joe was considering retrofitting his Panhandle Paints sign, he thought that the new Benjamin Moore sign on the Lutz Ave. side of his store could use a companion.

Joe stopped by the Kenney Signs Hagerstown office to discuss having another 3’H x 8’W box sign built by Kenney Signs. We replicated the actions of the first, securing a permit for the new sign on the Edwin Miller Boulevard side of the new Panhandle Paints/Benjamin Moore store. Shortly after the permit was secured, we began to produce a duplicate 3’H x 18’W box sign for Joe’s business.

Now that both new signs have been installed, and the existing sign has been rejuvenated, Panhandle Paints’ new location is sure to make an impact on the local economy of Martinsburg and the surrounding area!