Hagerstown Ford – Sign Package

Kenney Sign designed and installed a sign package for the new Hagerstown Ford Used Car Sales building located near the intersection of Halfway Blvd and Massey Blvd in Hagerstown Maryland. The project included many components from a large LED messaged display to numerous sets of illuminated channel letters.

Hagerstown FordThe message display is a Watchfire® LED message display at 6 foot in height by 12 foot wide. At that size, it has plenty of visibility from Halfway Blvd, Underpass Way, and Valley Mall, which are heavy traffic areas. The sign boasts a 96 x 192 pixel matrix on 19mm spacing. Each pixel is made up of three LEDs…red, green, and blue. If you do the math, that is a total of 18,432 pixels and an impressive 55,296 LEDs.

With all the levels of brightness control of each individual LED the sign is capable of generating 1.15 Quintilian shades of color. This gives the display the ability to display lifelike bright colorful graphics, animations and videos of text and photographs. Great for displaying images or video clips of cars and capturing the interest of prospective buyers.

The Ignite Software that controls the sign gives them plenty of flexibility in generating their own messages, it is easy to use, and it even provides an extensive library of clipart that contains both still images and animations. It also offers flexibility in how and when messages are displayed. They can sit down and generate any number of messages at once and schedule them to play immediately, or schedule to play days, weeks, or months down the road. If they are running a promotion, they can even set the messages to start and stop at a particular date and time. It is truly a set it and forget it type setup.

Hagerstown FordKenney Signs also provided four custom sets of individually mounted LED channel letter signs that have the new Hagerstown Ford logo and “Used Car Sales”. All the signs use the latest in LED illumination technology providing both bright nighttime illumination as well as energy efficiency. LEDs are superior to neon illumination in this type of application because of not only their efficiency, but also they help to lower service costs and are more consistent even in cold weather.

Are you developing a property for your business, or want to give you current business a signage face lift? Contact our skilled and creative team to discuss what we can do to improve your businesses image and appeal. Be sure to check out some of the other message displays and channel letters we have done to get an idea of what our capabilities are.

Below is a gallery of the signs in this project (click to enlarge):